Olympos Örenyeri

Southern coast of Antalya, Phaselis said after the second round of the important port city of Olympos. City name, 16 km. north of the western extension of the Taurus is one of the 2375 m. It gets the height with the Mount Tahtali. Beydağları-Olympos National Park within the boundaries of the city Located transportation, Antalya - Kumluca highway from the south, leaving two turnoff also is a need for the beach as possible is one of both forested areas with Antalya's popular daily resort area. Although the exact date of establishment known name in printed coins of the Lycian Union with the Olympus İ.Ö.167-168 years, with the right to vote is one of the six cities of the Lycian Union.

Museum / Ruin Info Box
LocationKumluca, Antalya
Entry Fee5 TL Entry Fee Table
Visiting Hours
Summer Term09:00 - 19:00
Winter Term08:00 - 17:00
Museum Pass Sale PointNo
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