Yozgat Müzesi

Yozgat Museum (NİZAMOĞLU HOST) Yozgat Museum, today Bozok University on Rector's building is used as the history of the Republic School of the single-storey building in the garden April 13, 1977, itself Yozgatlı Nevşehir Museum Assistant appointment of Yozgat Arslan grandchildren on began to work as the Museum Office and The core of the Museum Directorate has been established. A small building works primarily with grants from the citizens, the purchase, the first collection of land taken from the collection and the work of the circuit from the Ankara Ethnography Museum are being created. It also entered into exposure to a suitable museum building in search of work, it has been allocated in 1979 for the opening of proprietary Nizamoğlu mansion expropriated by the Ministry of Culture building as a museum. Due to the highly weathered mansion repair work started in 1980, he completed the repair and refurbishment work exhibited at the end of 1984 began to serve as a museum in 1985. Meanwhile, in the adjoining the Nizamoğlu mind the lack of compliance with the administrative services of the museum building host a two-story wooden building, lower level of administration, to be used as the upper floor housing nationalized at the end of 1983 and entered service with the museum building. Armstrong's grandson in establishing the museum opened to visitors is a very large labor and effort. After the museum opened in 1985, it has been enriched with new works of rescue excavations and field studies from experts. Nizamoğlu basis mansion was opened as an Ethnography Museum. Expropriation made Karslıoğlu Mansion in 1980-81 in those years considered as the Archaeological Museum and the restoration accordingly, Merchandising work was done, but it was never opened as an archaeological museum. This is because the expert staff and auxiliary staff employed failure to provide class of service, location and protection status Karslıoğlu host of the fact that in terms of archeology museum

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