Sakarya Müzesi

31.12.2014 A visit to kapalıdır.sakary Province, Central District, Semerciler Quarter, National Independence Avenue, located in the museum building opposite the station is built on an area of 1290 m2 with the garden. 1910-1915 year between the President of Military Branch of the period Major Baha Bey, built on three floors with folding ground by subject, then Atatürk's close friend and deputy Hasan Cavit acquired by Mr. alınmıştır.14 June 1922 In the meeting with Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's mother and they stay home, it has been greatly damaged in the 1967 earthquake. In 1983, which was registered as a civil architecture of housing, nationalized Ministry, in accordance with the original exterior, while the interior has been completely modified and rebuilt in concrete. The ground floor office rooms and natural gas boiler room, 1st floor director's room and one exhibition hall 85 m2, 2nd floor also has a conference hall for 50 persons. 12.01.1989 Museum for the first time in the history of Sakarya Provincial Directorate of Culture on 07.03.1989 and started the service within the office was moved to its present location. By collecting artifacts found in archaeological and ethnographic boundaries of our city as well as the Museum Directorate office operations, carried out after the display arrangement is opened to the public on 21.06.1993. Showcases and works in the earthquake of August 17, 1999 has been closed to visitors because of damage occurring. The results of the studies after the earthquake, was opened to visitors again on 28.06.2003. In the museum's garden, located in Sakarya province of the Roman and Byzantine periods of architectural elements, gravestones, altars, inscribed stones, ossuary was exhibited terracotta jars and the base of milk. In the museum's exhibition halls with prehistoric ages, a group belonging to the Roman and Byzantine periods were ethnographic and archaeological artifacts of the Ottoman and the Republican Era

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