Tire Müzesi

Tire Museum of the initial establishment phase to date, and today we look at the fashion statement of the "City Museum" or in a different sense, "City Archive," which we see that the committee in understanding. The chosen venue for the first Sherlock Holmes Museum Bey Mosque. Our Ministry in 1946 and won the authorities delegated identity to the Directorate General of Antiquities. In subsequent years, the local authorities and in support of the efforts of Şanizade Square, continued to serve today a modern museum building was moved in 1971. Archaeological and ethnographic artifacts are exhibited in the Museum of the hyphen that incorporates two separate exhibition halls. In the archeology hall; sculptures, table legs, marble and terracotta sarcophagus, glass works, pie soil and bronze oil lamps, terracotta figurines are located in display. In the ethnography manuscript Kur-moment Kerim, divit teams, municipal made from woven men's and women's inner and outer clothing, dowry sets, works that reflect the bath culture, a view of the Tyrrhenian home Çanakkale ceramics, China selodo vase and is of European origin Ottoman palace and ceramic tableware and kitchenware in the mansion, lamps, dervish lodges the goods are displayed in separate windows. Tire archeological museum building in front of the large garden, which also takes place in, while at the rear of the Islamic era grave stones are exhibited in chronological system.

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