Akşehir Batı Cephesi Karargahı Müzesi

This structure, which is a great source of pride for our Akşehir'i is our headquarters building, which is an important place in our national liberation struggle. Buildings in the 1904-1905 year, by the Mayor of the period were made as planned and the town hall. November 18, 1921 has also been designated as the headquarters moved to Aksehir West Front Command building. Headquarters served until August 24, 1922 in this building. Big offensive is made of preparation and planning, municipal building reaches its decision, in 1964 the museum was transferred to our Ministry to be done. Repaired, organized as a document of hope and struggle days, on July 5, 1966 "Atatürk and Ethnography Museum" was opened to visitors by name. After the restoration and arrangement made in 1981, also called the "Western Front Headquarters Museum" has been. Restoration and exhibition, 1988-1995 and 2001-issued regulation is made, this day again as it was opened to visitors on July 5, 2001. The building has undergone simple repairs in 2004. Açıktır.hal still visit the bottom floor of the building used as administrative offices, located in the exhibition hall on the upper floor and sofa in her opening 7 has a display room. The board on the wall in the central hall of Atatürk and İsmet İnönü photos taken in Aksehir, in the middle showcase are Akşehirli medal and certificate of veterans. The stairway; left the room, the firearm and non-weapon thought to be used in the liberation war, Akşehir describing the Deputy Haci Bekir biography Sumerian board and a rifle as a gift to him. The room in this room symmetrically, some of the headquarters of the works have officers biographies and Akşehirli liberation war martyrs imprint Atatürk's study room is given the decision of the bulunmaktadır.büyük offensive, furnished with its original furniture, the panel on the wall, war plans, documents, and photographs were exhibited. The other two rooms if Atatürk's original print photos, taken from a speech he wrote with his own handwriting

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