Mudanya Mütareke Evi Müzesi

This building is crowned with victory resulted in the Turkish War of Independence truce, also led by Mustafa Kemal, Ankara is where the government first accepted as the sole representative of the Turkish nation. Armistice 19th century house. the Russian timber merchant was built by Aleksander Ganyanof. Then, once the home is purchased born Mehmet as tenants by the family of Hayri İpana.
Mehmet Hayri iPar müteahhid recognized that the period of this building, which is very important for the history of the Republic of Turkey, Mudanya Municipality has donated to a museum. The notary deed dated September 21, 1936 Hayri İpana says:
"I was born a Turk capacity in Mudanya, I thought of making this building a museum of signing the treaty. This building is made of wood on the beach, a pier, previously taken by Mudanya Municipality and beyond in the hither goods sold, there would have been a gift. The building seemed to hold face to be the ruins of the former is. Building and moving the scaffold in accordance with the original repair, I brought reinstated. Building wooden houses that were adjacent to them. I also bought, demolished. I reveal the arrangement and moving around the railing of the four sides of the building çevirterek Armistice. Even where the scattered belongings and those who suffered losses I put in place by purchasing again. I completely and transfer the donations to use as a museum together with the Municipality of Mudanya Armistice home appliances ".
2-storey wooden building with architectural features typical waterside land covers 800 square meters to 400 square meters in area. The building has 13 rooms and two large halls.
Visiting Hours: Mondays except 8:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 17:00
Vacation Day: Monday
Toll museums are closed or half an hour before closing time.

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Location12 Eylül Caddesi Mudanya Bursa 16940
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