Çorum Müzesi

City center, located next to the Martyrs Monument museum, was opened on October 13, 1968. Four exhibition halls in the single storey building linked to each other, is located antiquities and a photography store.

Corum Museum's core Alacahoyuk Bogazköy, Ortaköy, Eskiyapar, Pazarlı poses next to Kussaray and purchase works of Alisher mound artifacts. Also the ethnographical works in the museum halls and corridors almaktadır.birinc place; Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine coins, ceramics, glass perfume bottle and tear bottles, figures and figurines, votive cups, steles, sarcophagi and column capitals, ornaments are exhibited in typological.

In the second hall; Hittite and Phrygian periods of spouted jugs, Hittite owned bathing cap period, flask shaped cup, vases, fruit stands, rythones, molds, crucibles, later dated to the period Phrygian with spindle whorls and seals painted pots and terracotta over relief is on display multi-colored wall panels. In the corridor which connects the halls, ceramics of various forms of Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Ages, Idols, hand axes from the stone and bronze spearheads with Alisher origin occupies almaktadır.üçünc and carpets and rugs reflect the characteristics of Çorum in the fourth hall, women's clothes, jewelry and ornaments and weapons belonging to the Seljuk and Ottoman periods, wood and metal objects, manuscripts and religious books are exhibited.

In the garden; Hittite period of Taurus depicting fountain, statues belonging to the Roman and Byzantine periods, grave steles and milestones, inscriptions and tombstones belonging to the Seljuk and Ottoman periods are exhibited.

Toll museums are closed or half an hour before closing time.

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