Saraydüzü Kışla Binası Milli Mücadele Müzesi ve Kongre Merkezi

Ataturk's going to Amasya with his comrades in arms on June 12, 1919 based on national sovereignty on June 22, 1919, the fully independent Republic of Turkey 's basics of forming Amasya Circular to declare meat which Sarayduzu Barracks 1944 that occurred due to landslides, damaged buildings later It has been completely demolished.
Amasya Sarayduzu for the reconstruction of just this building, which is important in terms of Turkey Historic Barracks Building Cultural Centre and the National War Museum of the General Directorate and completed as a result of joint efforts made by the Governorship of Amasya was opened on 12.06.2009.
With the introduction of the service building at international level symposiums, conferences, are able to host events such as exhibitions. Building capacity of 340 people in the multi-purpose hall in the theater, poetry readings can be made here Republic Reception and similar programs.
Also illuminated information boards at the National War Museum building is 200 m2, located on the ground floor, wax sculptures and showcase their work in the Republic of Turkey 's basic forms are available at the museum, described the Amasya Circular.
Toll museums are closed or half an hour before closing time.

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