Gordion Müzesi Tümülüs ve Örenyeri

500 inhabitants was founded in 1963 and today is recognized as Yassıhöyük next to a small village. Today it presents a chronological exhibition in Gordion Museum and every period is represented with characteristic examples. Early Bronze Age artifacts in three windows, which ended with King Midas is located after the Early Phrygian works. This works hand-crafted in the early Iron Age pottery, iron tools of the Early Phrygian Period, textile manufacturing tools are exhibited. BC panoramic windows in the new exhibition hall Ruins dated 700 years exhibited a typical structure of a solid. In the rest of the new hall BC 6- M.S. 4. century were imported Greek ceramics of the Hellenistic Age and Roman materials are exhibited. In the last section, visitors will have the opportunity to watch seals and coins uncovered instances in Gordion.


Toll museums are closed or half an hour before closing time.

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