Alacahöyük Müzesi ve Örenyeri

Corum serving, depending on the museum Alacahoyuk Museum, Pied District, is located in the village Alacahoyuk, Corum and 45 km. away. Alacahöyük first local museum exhibition opened in 1940, and in 1982 moved to its new building. There are two floors of the museum's top floor Kosay Hamid Zubair and Remzi Oguz Arik halls. Alacahoyuk Pazarlı in this hall and was given the names of the director of the excavation works obtained in the excavations are exhibited.
First excavated material in the entrance hall, the Chalcolithic period and the Early Bronze Age to the handmade ceramics, showing the discovery of 13 royal tombs of memories and terracotta works are exhibited photos.
In the second hall cooked of large wall display in Hittite territory spouted jugs, plates, bowls, flasks shaped containers with barbecue and brazier, while in the middle showcase Old Bronze and bronze pins Hittite period, bone ornaments, molds, animal figurines, two spikes are exhibited writing tablets. It also showcases one embossed wall panels of terracotta objects from the Phrygian Pazarlı in the same hall, located above riton shaped painted pots and partridge.
Mahmut Akok hall and the downstairs called the exhibit ethnographic artifacts, carpets and rugs belonging to the region, wooden agricultural tools, drills belonging to the Ottoman Period with handloom, cutting and firearms are exhibited. Visiting Hours: 08:00 to 12:00 every day except Mondays / 13:30 to 17:00 hours to visit is open.
Vacation Day: Monday
Toll museums are closed or half an hour before closing time.

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LocationAlaca İlçesi, Alacahöyük Köyü
Entry Fee5 TL Entry Fee Table
Visiting Hours
Summer Term08:00 - 17:00
Winter Term08:00 - 17:00
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