Boğazköy Müzesi

Corum serving, depending on the Çorum Museum Directorate Boğazköy Museum 82 km. Boğazkale is located in the town center in the southwest. Museum opened in September 12, 1966, Boğazköy (Hattusas) is a museum located in the scene where the excavation uncovered the artifacts from the museum and around the store and exhibit.
Hittite museum dominated by the works of the Chalcolithic period, Early Bronze, Hittite, Phrygian, Roman and Byzantine periods are exhibited works.
In the museum's entrance hall ruins of Hattusas shows a map with a chronological table is located in the same place the king making impressions door god relief, Hittite King IV. Tuthalia relief and its opposite are the hieroglyphics inscribed stone stele.
In the first hall passed through the entrance hall; Chalcolithic is located in the Old Bronze and Assyrian Trade Colonies Period of terracotta works of the exhibition showcases the great hall from the lounge in the section passed the goddess Ishtar brought relief from Yazılıkaya.
In the second hall; the chronologically arranged exhibition made with the Assyrian Trade Colonies oversized spouted jugs of ancient Hittite period and showing their status finds located photos. If this showcase located right next to the showcase ancient Hittite Empire and Period of terracotta and stone artifacts, painted pottery belonging to the Phrygian period, fibulas, clay and glass works from the Roman period, belong to a church dating to the Byzantine bronze are exhibited. Also in the middle showcase in the museum again tablets cuneiform Hittite Periods, stamped terracotta bullae, cylinder and stamp seals, bronze axes, needles, goddess dancing ivory and quarrying tools and molds, triple goddess groups, pendants and display embossed ceramic pieces It is. Showcase is located in orthostats embossed with oversized jugs of them.
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