Arykanda Örenyeri

The province of Antalya, Phoenicia District, Arif village limits of located within the Arykanda ancient city name in Lycian language 'Ary-ka-wanda "," location next to the high cliffs "means. To reflect the native Anatolian language from the philological the city's name, in one of the oldest cities shows that one. Arykanda addition, in recent years Kalkolitik- late uncovered in Limyra and Patara Early Bronze Age ax generally intense in this region indicate that there has been as resettlement. However, II.b dated stone outside the ax, based on the findings the city has the power to take before the date of the 5th century BC. BC and the 5th century Kupril Aquwami coins of the local guys, Arykanda during the Persian domination projecting it dated to the 4th century BC Limyra gentlemen are followed Pericles of coins.

Accordingly it stuck in a time Limyra Arykanda sovereignty and must be changed manually with Alexander. the Ptolemies, like other cities in the region after Alexander's death, then passed into the hands of the Seleucids, Apeme (Dinar) is known to enter the peace after Rhodes's control. BC 2. Press the coin Arykanda century, we see that as a city, including the Lycian Union. BUSINESS. 43. The date of the end of Emperor Claudius Lycian Union lured into a state with Lycia and Pamphylia is connected to Rome. BUSINESS. 2nd century is a period of several sources of Arykanda name is mentioned much. BUSINESS. After the great earthquake in 240 cities partially repaired during the Byzantine "Akalanda" or "Oryk career" it is referred to by name. Based ruins and Byzantine sources we know to exist until the 11th century Arykanda be replaced after this date and can be moved to its present southern highway.

Arykanda city, Shahinkaya it began the bottom of a steep rock face known, is situated on the south hillside. Situated at the highest level structure in the city, on the south western outskirts of surveillance Şahinkaya'nın

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